Universal Everything were asked to create an international re-brand for MTV, the
first ever for the non-US network. For 27 years MTV has challenged the norm and denoted the boundaries. The task was
to re-establish the iconic brand as the
one-and-only for pop culture. The ‘viewer’ is dying, long live the ‘user’.

We were commissioned by Universal Everything, to communicate the digital
re-brand ‘Pop x 1000%’ where a range
of emotions are pushed to the extreme;
Joy x 1000%, Speed x 1000%, Love x 1000%… through a set of four international styleguides. We designed a 16:9 grid that stayed true to the medium of screen and aligned the two core visual themes of the re-brand — the logo, which is ‘always on’ and a ‘universe of content beyond the screen’.

Design x 1000%

Having collaborated previously with Universal Everything, we were invited to be part of something that hadn’t happened for 27 years. MTV is an iconic movement in the world of pop culture and so we jumped at the chance of helping Matt Pyke, founder of Universal Everything, wherever possible in order to be part of this exciting and momentous re-brand.

24hrs everyday

Building on the on-screen guidelines, we collaborated with Universal Everything
in creating ideas and
a visual style for MTV
press advertising. These were documented in a stand-alone set of printed styleguides.

We developed an idea of ’24hrs everyday’ that resonated the idea of MTV ‘always on’ and visually celebrated the Pop x 1000% mantra by using
the variety of original and visually arresting idents by Universal Everything.

What others said

“Working with lukecharles on the MTV Worldwide
Re-brand Styleguide gave
it structure, coherence
and a supreme attention to detail.”

Matt Pyke —
Founder Universal Everything

MTV / Joy x 1000%
Mister Furry
Creative Direction: MTV WDS Milan and Matt Pyke / Universal Everything
Concept: Matt Pyke / Universal Everything
Direction: Matt Pyke / Universal Everything
and Realise studio
Audio: Simon Pyke / Freefarm