‘Your healthcare partner providing expertise for life.’

For over 60 years Bupa has been at the heart of providing leading-edge healthcare services to over 10 million customers in 190 countries with a further 20 million
lives served by Health Dialog. In a highly competitive market Bupa wanted to
re-establish itself as the leader, the expert and become more accessible to customers.

By unifying one Bupa and creating a new dialogue with its customers, the flexibility of the modular system and its visual elements combined, creates a powerful platform for the brand expression to engage, surprise and reflect the diverse and ever expanding ‘world of Bupa’ allowing for constant reappraisal.

Re-defining a world

With a need to bring together a hugely diverse global organisation
offering a multitude of ever expanding products and service offers across the globe, we developed
a unique and ownable brand expression that is able to capture and communicate the ethos of the business in one global voice.

The brand expression is adaptable for different price points, customer segmentation and service offers, built around
a modular system that ensures constant flexibility without re-creation.

Creating one Bupa

For nearly two years lukecharles have been working closely with the client team, both creating and art directing a vast array of touchpoints for both the core brand
and business units across
the globe.

From strategy and conception, printed communications, literature systems, digital platforms, moving image, events and initiatives, environments, exhibitions, internal communications and campaigns right through
to tools and templates;
it is safe to say we understand the world of Bupa.

What others said

“lukecharles have created a global expression that
is consistent with our healthcare aspirations
and relevant to the needs
of different audiences,
with the ability to influence customer perception — making Bupa more attractive and accessible and, ultimately, generating commercial returns.”

Sarah Stevens —
Head of Brand Expression at Bupa

“We needed to update our look and feel to be in line with the role Bupa plays
in people’s lives, and to
have a distinctive identity
that would stand out in the marketplace. lukecharles have helped us to
create a completely new conversation with our customers through
a strong identity system
that helps us to focus on customers. It’s a complete transformation from where we were two years ago.”

Fiona McAnena —
Global Brand Director
at Bupa

“In a rapidly changing world, with more complex and growing customer expectations of healthcare provision, Bupa must build on 60 years of healthcare leadership to become
a trusted and relevant healthcare partner
for today’s challenges.

With a consistent approach around the world, behaving as ‘One Bupa’, we will build
a brand that is both recognised and valued
as being truly engaged in
our customer’s lives,
wherever and whenever they encounter us.”

Martin George —
Managing Director,
Group Development
at Bupa